Gemstone IV: Ralenna’s Journey

I started playing Gemstone IV a few days ago, which I played only briefly in high school. I was more into Dragonrealms at the time. But I saw a video about Gemstone IV recently and it sparked my interested. Trapped inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have nothing but time on my hands. So I decided to dive back in to the world of multiplayer text-based adventure.

Ralenna, my human cleric, started in the frozen town of Icemule Trace. Immediately she was greeted by an ice sprite who helped her to get a start on her adventuring life. She helped a few people in town, then put an end to a grizzled rabid squirrel that had been stalking the forest to the south.

Hers was a higher calling, though, and she was not content simply to slay beasts for silver. Ralenna heard rumor that some undead haunted the caves to the north of Icemule Trace, so she set out to those rocky crevasses.

It did not go well.

Ralenna encountered a shade, and as she fumbled with an incantation it struck a terrible blow, stunning her. She tried to crawl away but could not get her footing, and the shade brought an end to her life.

Her spirit remained for a while, weakly tethered to her corpse. She despaired, but after a while a more experience cleric came delving, drove off the shade, and used his magic to bind her soul more solidly to her mortal form. Then he teleported her to… only the gods knew where. It was a city, far busier than the snow-filled streets of Icemule Trace. There empaths removed the wounds from her body and another cleric resurrected her. Ralenna drew ragged gasps of air with terrified delight, but upon regaining her bearings realized she was far from home.

She set about finding the travel office in the city of Wehnimer’s Landing, as she learned the city was named, and hired a guide to take her on a long trek back to Icemule Trace. Thankful to be home, and humbled, she decided to tackle the scourge of giant rats beneath the town, biding her time and gathering strength to strike north once more…