Arkham Horror: Encyclopedia


“Umôrdhoth,” Daisy corrected her. Jenny watched the librarian as she pored over the enormous book on the desk in front of her. She leafed through its pages so quickly Jenny wondered if she was even reading any of the words.

Encyclopedia“You think something about this cult is going to be in… an encyclopedia?” She adjusted her Oxfords. Traipsing about London with her fellow socialites was one thing, but running from cultists through the streets of Arkham had been quite another.

“The Orne Library keeps an extensive collection of rare books, ancient and modern. I was just reading Dr. Margaret Murray’s The Witch-Cult in Western Europe last week, when Professor Warren came in and… my God.”

“What is it?” The librarian’s expression was one of shock.

De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis! That’s what he borrowed. It’s about—Miss Barnes!

The knife hit Jenny in the side, just under the ribs, and she fell to the ground. It was a wicked, curved blade. Its wielder stood over her, tall and imposing in his ragged green coat. He smelled of the woods, and wore a deer skull mask.

She slid the switchblade out of her dress and fumbled for the button, but the man’s blade was coming down again.

There was a thud, and the hunter stumbled sideways, crashing into a bookshelf. He appeared stunned, but recovering. Daisy stood there with the encyclopedia she had just battered him with in her hand, and she reached down to help Jenny up.

“Run!” she shouted. Jenny held her injured side and didn’t argue.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. My vignettes are appreciative fanfiction of a game I love and highly recommend.

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Arkham Horror: Alyssa Graham

“Miss Barnes.” Jim held his right hand up. His left held onto his trumpet. “Jenny. Why don’t you put the gun down?”

Tears streamed down her face, but Jenny Barnes held the large pistol steady. Problem was, she was pointing it directly at Alyssa. Alyssa’s eyes were wide with terror.

“Tell me where she is,” Jenny choked out.

“Miss Graham don’t know where your sister is, Jenny. Shooting her ain’t gonna help that.”

Alyssa Graham“All their bodies were there! Armitage, Dr. Morgan, Leo… that creature even got Wendy. Izzie’s been missing, maybe… maybe they took her too.” She wiped her eyes and gestured with the .45 at Alyssa. “You can talk to them. You can find out if… if she’s…”

Jim knew a thing or two about the dead. His daddy’s trumpet felt heavier as he thought about it. “There’s always a cost, Jenny. Believe me. You ain’t one of them monsters. Don’t start now.”

Slowly, Jenny began to lower the gun. Her shoulders slumped, and the tears started pouring. Jim took a few steps toward her. Alyssa backed away and let out a breath.

“I’m scared,” she almost whispered as he put an arm around her shoulders.

He felt his own tears hot on his cheeks, and nodded at Alyssa. “Ain’t we all?”

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. My vignettes are appreciative fanfiction of a game I love and highly recommend.

Arkham Horror: Painkillers

Daisy Walker limped through the museum’s corridor, clutching the Necronomicon to her chest. Her footsteps echoed in the dark. She glanced back nervously at the dark trail of dripping blood she left behind her. A horrid black serpent stalked the exhibits—even thinking that made Daisy fear she had lost her mind. It was real, though. The throbbing pain in her leg reminded her of that.

She gasped in agony and stumbled into a stand. The Eighth Dynasty serving bowl that had just occupied it shattered on the tile. For what felt like an eternity, she held her breath, cursing herself.

Nothing stirred. She still couldn’t hear where the others may have gotten to. Roland, Agnes, Dr. Armitage. Daisy would have even given anything to see that drifter Pete and his mangy dog.

PainkillersThere was no other choice. She reached into her bag and pulled out the small Aspirin tin Pete gave her earlier that evening. You be careful with these, he had told her, ain’t just any Aspirin in there.

Daisy swallowed some of the pills down dry, nearly choking. Quietly she waited, her fingers worrying at the cover of the terrible book they came here to find. Something about it felt oddly familiar. She glanced down and saw the book was not the copy she had taken from the museum minutes ago, but the one she’d seen in the Orne Library last week.

How did this get here? Looking in her bag, she saw Wormius’s translation, but didn’t recall putting it there.

She would worry about it later. The ache in her leg had numbed, and it was time to find the others.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. My vignettes are appreciative fanfiction of a game I love and highly recommend.

Arkham Horror: Lone Wolf

“Essex county? You sure you want to go there after that awful train wreck?”

Rex Murphy grabbed some pencils and threw them in his satchel. He looked at Minnie. “I’ve got to, Minnie. You remember that other night at the Clover Club?”

Lone WolfThe photographer frowned. “That one where you ran off and almost got yourself killed when some ‘rival thugs’ busted up the place?”

Rex pulled some petty cash from the drawer despite Minnie’s protesting gestures. “Wasn’t a rival gang.” He hadn’t slept since that night. Whatever that thing was, some amalgam of horrid spheres that moved and undulated and—no. He had to stop thinking about it.

She folded her arms and gave him one of her looks. “I know. I ain’t stupid. You aren’t as good at lying as you think, Rex.”

“Let me tell it to you straight, then: I’m going to Essex county. Alone. There’s something dangerous going on.”

“All the more reason we should go together.”


There was an awkward silence in the empty office, and Rex realized he had shouted at her. His heart sank, and he felt himself shaking.

“We’re a team, Rex,” Minnie whispered.

“No,” he repeated, slinging the satchel over his shoulder. “Not right now we aren’t. Tell Harvey… ah hell, I don’t know. And Minnie, please, for your own sake, don’t follow me.”

The door slammed shut behind him as he ran out.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. My vignettes are appreciative fanfiction of a game I love and highly recommend.

Arkham Horror: Prepared for the Worst

“We’ll need a few things,” Zoey said, leading them into a yard. She pulled a key out of her apron and walked over to a small shed. Skids followed her.

“Look, lady, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate your help back there. I mean, sure, I burned my house to the ground because this other woman—”

“My name is Lita,” the other woman interrupted. Skids sighed. He wasn’t sure which of the pair was the craziest. Roland was along, too, but he was a Fed and Skids wasn’t about to trust him, even with all hell breaking loose. Still, they were stuck in it now, whatever “it” was.

“Lita. Fine. I’m just saying I don’t know what a short-order cook is gonna have in her shed that could possibly—Jesus Christ.”

Prepared for the WorstThere was an arsenal in there. Two rifles, a shotgun, a rack of knives—not just the kind butchers used—and…

“Is that a sword?” Skids asked.

Zoey hefted the blade in her hand. Roland had already taken the initiative and picked up a shotgun, grabbing some shells off a shelf.

“For slaying demons,” she said while looking Skids right in the eyes.

“Yeah.” Skids frowned. “Yeah, I can tell this is gonna be a good night.”

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. My vignettes are appreciative fanfiction of a game I love and highly recommend.

Arkham Horror: Helpless Passenger

“We need to restart the engine!” Jenny shouted, yanking her other pistol from her purse and slamming a magazine into it. “Leave him!”

Helpless Passenger

“I won’t!” Zoey clutched her cross in one hand, and tried to pull the frightened man to his feet. Outside she heard something scrambling on the side of the train. One of the demons, no doubt. There was something else… metal creaking. The bridge!

Suddenly a large form burst into the car. Zoey readied herself to face…

A dog?

“Duke, if he won’t move, bite him in the ass ’til he does!”

Zoey recognized the road-worn man calling out. The drifter she’d met back in town.

“Pete!” Jenny yelled, and Pete’s dog began barking loudly. “I thought they wouldn’t let you on the train.”

The passenger finally stood up, more afraid of Duke’s teeth than of pressing on ahead in this maelstrom.

“Don’t worry, ma’ams! Ain’t been a train they could keep ol’ Pete and Duke off of yet!”

“Fine, but we have to go!” Jenny nodded to the door, adjusted her hat, and sighed. “This is absolutely the last time I am riding coach.”

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. My vignettes are appreciative fanfiction of a game I love and highly recommend.


NOTE: This story is a fan work for Friends at the Table, and was originally published in the COUNTER/Weight Fan Zine, edited by Quinn Milton.

The door was open, and a ghost emerged. It was a raptor. Ibex watched as Detachment sped toward him, screeching pain and fear and joy. A still-open hatch in the Divine’s side offered him a view to the picked-over bones within. Something caught in his throat. He had not seen it, not that moment, and yet the memory burned within his mind as vividly if he had. A metal hand, reaching out…

* * *

The hatch was open. And there his younger brother, Jerboa—no: Quentin. Always Quentin. Lifeless. Floating. Ibex stood on the bridge of the Seventh Sun, choking down his pain and keeping his face a calm, stoic mask. The monitors of the ship flared with Righteousness, a brief, burning expression he could not allow himself to give. His nails dug in to his hand, bleeding…

* * *

“The door was opened,” Ibex said into the comm of the old Rigger. The thing belonged in a museum. Perhaps he did too. Time had picked them both clean. Ibex gripped the controls of the machine; it had no grace or order to it—modern OriCon tech couldn’t, why would something so ancient? Now he had to wait for the others. He touched the console, willing a righteous purpose he didn’t truly feel into his hands.

* * *

The ghost ripped at him. A fragment of Liberty, a memory of Quentin. The decaying husk of Detachment was still a raptor, and its circling talons tore an impotent arm from Ibex’s Rigger, then another, then another. Desperate for some last action, he launched a blade from the ancient mech, but Liberty or Detachment or whatever it was now batted it effortlessly away. “Damn it!” he shouted, slamming his fist down on the console. He had relied on Righteousness for so long; without it, how could he trust his own frail hands?

Something else was coming through the door. Something massive and undeniable. Rigour. Liberty relented in its assault, darted off and away, leaving only memories to rip at Ibex. “One last close call,” he muttered into the comm. They heard him, the gathered forces of the Golden Branch. Years in the making, one last hope for the sector. “That’s all this was.” He touched a few buttons on the console, diverting all his power into the thrusters, surrendering the Rigger’s useless arms. He didn’t make it far before his comm sprang to life and a familiar voice filled the cockpit. Another memory. His hands trembled.


Rigour approached him. It was close now, he could see inside. Ibex—no: Attar… it had been so long since he allowed himself to be Attar Rose—looked into the face of Maryland September, the woman he had loved. But the thing from beyond the door that looked back at him was only a skeleton, like everything else he had left.

Her metal hand, reaching out…

I’m sorry, Quentin.

Flensing his flesh from the bone…

It’s like I told you…

Attar, floating…

It’s a fucking vulture.